For the past forty years Dwayne Hickman has been one of America's favorite stars…now he is one of America's favorite painters. His signature use of vibrant colors and exquisite detail in his paintings have made his work unique and increasingly sought after by collectors.

Our existing galleries benefit from our personalized service and on-going marketing support.

Join Dwayne Hickman's Gallery Program and experience:

  • Artwork that Sells by an Artist with National Name Recognition
  • Artist Appearances in the Gallery
  • Press and Media Coverage of his gallery shows
  • Personalized Marketing, Promotion and Event Support
  • Ongoing Personalized Sales Support

  • Through the benefit of media and press support, Dwayne Hickman offers his galleries the unique opportunity to promote their gallery, the other artists they represent and expand their client base.

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    Joan Roberts
    Hickman/Roberts Productions, Inc.
    e-mail: hickrob@aol.com

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