The Book

FOREVER DOBIE...The Many Lives of Dwayne Hickman
(in Hardcover)
By Dwayne Hickman and Joan Roberts Hickman
Personally autographed to you by "Dobie" himself!
bookfront.jpg (19757 bytes) I’m sure that I will forever be known as "Dobie Gillis", sitting in front of Rodin’s Thinker, chasing Thalia Menninger,avoiding the advances of Zelda Gilroy, and hanging out with Maynard G.Krebs, T.V’s favorite beatnik.
But there is so much more to my life and Forever Dobie gives a fascinating look at more that fifty years of show business history.

Stories about:

  • My life as a reluctant child actor during the Golden Age of Hollywood; working with screen legends John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and many more.


  • The years on The Bob Cummings Show, where I learned comedy from such masters as Jack Benny, George Burns and Bob Cummings.


  • My rude initiation into rock ‘n’ roll, when my Publicists tried to turn me into a teen singing sensation with hilariously bad results.


  • A post-Dobie movie career that ranged from Oscar-winning Cat Ballou to teen beach party films with Frankie, Annette, Sandra Dee and others.


  • My stint working in Las Vegas for Howard Hughes and bringing country and - Western legends Jerry Lee Lewis, Tammy Wynette and Roy Clark to the Vegas Strip.


  • Ten years as an executive with CBS T.V. working on hits like M*A*S*H, and Designing Women and meeting, then Governor and Dobie fan, Bill Clinton.


I co-authored "Forever Dobie" with my wife, Joan Roberts.  We have enjoyed wonderful reviews including the Los Angeles Times , which voted Forever Dobie "The perfect airplane read, entertaining, revealing and laugh out loud funny." 

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